Wilhelm Reich english

This website is dedicated to the Life of Wilhelm Reich, primarely his books. My life was changed, when I age 18 read his brilliant book 'The function of the orgasm' (in danish: Orgasmens Funktion, Rhodos Forlag)

His book "Massenpsychologie des Faschismus" ("Mass psychology of fascism") is a masterpiece and essential in understanding, how the Elite is suppressing homo sapiens (Humanity). Therefore I have made this website.

He was a true freedom fighter, a revolutionary, a severe threat to the people in power and therefore they jailed him in the end of his life. But before that he manage to write a lot, educate some therapists like Alexander Lowen, norwegian Gerda Boysen and others. The elite did everything in their power to kill him, his writings, his name and his works.

This website is just a small contribution in honour of this great man. Thank U what U gave me!

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