Wilhelm Reich

This website is dedicated to the Life of Wilhelm Reich. My life was changed, when I age 18 read his brilliant book 'The function of the orgasm' (in danish: Orgasmens Funktion, Rhodos Forlag)

His book "Massenpsychologie des Faschismus" ("Mass psychology of fascism") - see menus above - is a masterpiece and essential in understanding, how the Elite is suppressing homo sapiens (Humanity). Therefore I have made this website.

He was a true freedom fighter, a revolutionary, a severe threat to the people in power and therefore they put him to jail in the end of his life. The elite killed him (by jailing him). The Elite did and still do everything in their power to silence his writings, his name and his work.

Freud, Jung and Adler were intellectual theorist. They just used talking as therapy. Reich went much further. He found out, that man had built a physical armor in his physical body, corresponding to his emotional and mental structure. He found a correlation between body and mind and developed a body therapy based on that. The therapy included heavy breathing when doing physical exercises - can NOT be described in words, has to be seen on video. He called it Orgon therapy. He also found the essential energy of man and called it Orgon. The chinese call it Chi.

One of his students, who spread the word, was american Alexander Lowen. He developed many exercises and wrote several books. He called his theory and practice Bioenergetics. I did all of this in a very special group in Europe called AAO - a very radical experiment of living together in a commune, common property, common therapy in the evening based on Reich, completely different from the bourgouis society. A mix of Reich and Marx. I wrote about this in my dissertation for the University Copenhagen in 1980. I was one of very few danes, who participated. Google my name!

This website is just a small contribution in honour of this great human. Thank U what U gave me!

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